Antenna: My Antenna Is On the Wrong Side... What Gives?

So you're looking at replacing the antenna on your early-model Vanagon...but the only antenna we offer is for the driver's side, and your antenna is on the passenger side. What the...?

We see a lot of interesting antenna set-ups on 1980-82 Vanagons. Most likely, these vehicles came to the US without an antenna or stereo, and the VW dealers ended up installing both. Some dealers installed the OE antenna on the correct side (driver's side), but many used an incorrect antenna installed in other places. Have no doubt, though: Every year of Vanagon was intended to have the antenna located on the driver's side. There is a hole in the body (behind the headlight) that you cannot see without careful inspection—and through which a fully telescoping antenna can pass. This hole is not present on the passenger side. 

If you've got an antenna that doesn't look like the one below, and it's mounted on your passenger side (and you'd like to keep it that way), you need a more universal type antenna than what we offer. You should be able to find that type of antenna at any major auto parts store. If you want to relocate your antenna to the correct place, we've got the OEM-type, fully retracting, German-made antenna that fits the driver's side.