Maintenance Schedule Recommendation: Eurovan

OIL SERVICE (full synthetic is recommended)

Every 5000 miles - oil and filter


Every 15,000 miles - Trans fluid service

• Gear oil change in differential section
• Automatic trans service, fully synthetic ATF and filter

Every 30,000 miles - Major service

• Plugs, cap, rotor, and wires (if necessary)

• Plugs

All models:
• Air and fuel filter
• Power steering fluid flush
• Pressure test cooling system, check for leaks and weak hoses

60,000 miles - Repeat major service

90,000 miles - Repeat major service, plus:
• Ignition wires ('01-'03 models N/A)
• Oxygen sensor(s)
• Serpentine belt

5-cylinder: Coolant fitting (074-121-132)

6-cylinder: Thermostat housing

TWO YEAR SERVICE (regardless of mileage)

• Cooling system flush
 - Phosphate-free coolant, any brand, any color
 - Distilled water (must use distilled!)
• Brake fluid flush
• Clutch fluid flush (manual trans only)

FIVE YEAR SERVICE (regardless of mileage)

• New battery (or batteries, depending on model)
• Exhaust buffer (023-253-365)