Pop-Top: How to Close Properly

1) Open the sliding door and leave open.

2) Pull top down so it is still about 8” from closing.

3) Rest the top on your head to keep it from closing.

4) Push the front two corners of the tent further into the corners.

5) Roll up the sides and pull them in.

6) Make sure the top fabric is out of the way of the latch(es).

7) Let the top down, but do not latch.

8) Go outside, walk around and tuck in the tent.

9) Go back inside, lift the top back up about 8".

10) Pull down firmly so that latch(es) click(s) firmly in place.

11) Fasten safety belt (Winnebago only).

Care instructions: Never close your pop-top on a wet tent and leave it closed for a long period of time. If you put away the tent while wet, make sure to get to a place where the top can be popped and left to dry ASAP. If you have a natural fiber tent (cotton or cotton/hemp), please note that color fading is natural, but can be greatly reduced by keeping the top closed as much as possible. The less sun exposure, the longer the color will last. Applying water repellant every six months will greatly reduce the propensity for mold, and will make it much easier and quicker to dry your tent before closing the pop-top!