Window Shades and Curtains on the EVC: The Full Story

All '95-'03 Eurovan Winnebago Campers (EVC) have seven windows total: rear window (on hatch), middle left, front left, windshield, front right, middle right (on sliding door), and rear right. These models originally came with a curtain on the rear window, and shades on the three rear side windows. In addition to that, there is a separate curtain provided that attaches around the front cockpit with Velcro buttons to block the windshield and front door windows. On all Eurovans we sell we always replace what came from Winnebago on the rear hatch window and sliding door window.

On the rear hatch window, the curtain and the tracks provided by Winnebago were a joke. The tracks were made from what looks like disposable plastic with absolutely NO ultraviolet ray resistance, and they just fall apart. And if that wasn't bad enough, the curtain construction is an even bigger joke. The sewing looks like it was done with the same dissolving thread that doctors use to sew up wounds. The whole thing was good for about six months, max. We offer a custom window shade specifically for the rear window of the EVC. It is a permanent solution.

In the case of the sliding door, Winnebago used the same horizontal shade units they use above the stove and on the right rear window. But unlike those two other locations that are subject only to vehicle movement and vibration, the sliding door gets slammed over and over. The shade they used was simply not designed for that sort of abuse, and it too falls apart. We offer a similar custom GoWesty shade for the sliding door window, which is another permanent solution.

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