Dustan Louque

Dustan Louque

Rolling Stone says, "Louque (pronounced Luke) offers music with meat on its bones." After a strong start in the music industry in 2004, Dustan still felt that he was missing something. He separated himself from a major label and hid away in his native Louisiana writing his most recent album, "Campo Santo, which he independently released in the spring of 2014. That same year he found his 1987 Westfalia, which led him to his new business model. Dustan traveled the country reconnecting with fans-turned-friends. He now collaborates with his supporters to curate intimate concerts staged in deserts, mountains, homes and other gorgeous spaces across the country. Follow Dustan and Tux around the country exploring the luxury of less!

Vehicle: Tux

"After 7 years of only making music for film and not touring, I decided it was time to get on the road and rebuild my touring business. My main concern was sustainability and keeping my overhead low. As I began to research vehicles, I came across the Vanagon. I had remembered the old buses but not these as they were not common in Louisiana. The more I researched the more I knew I was onto the right idea. I spent a year watching the prices and seeing what was available. There was a place in Washington that always sold a few nice ones and when I saw that Wolfram Grey one I jumped at the chance. They put GoWesty bumpers on it and I added the 16" wheels. My van has reconnected me to nature and has added to my creative work life. I have met many folks in the Westfalia world and love traveling west. So happy to have connected with GoWesty folks as well. I bring the same passion into my daily work that I feel they have when I'm on the GoWesty campus." 

Visit Dustan at www.dustanlouque.com

Photo credit: Dave Burnett