Driveshaft Replacement for Syncro: How-To Instructions

1) Remove old drive shaft.

2) Install drive shaft with rubber coupling toward the rear of vehicle (NOTE: If you purchased the Doka-style drive shaft, disregard the "rubber coupling" verbiage).

3) Use all matching hardware, preferably all new—if you need the hardware, we've got it.

4) Install drive shaft at rear first (make sure all nuts and bolts are snug, but not tight).

5) Lift front of drive shaft into place.

           a. Drive shaft should snap in place.
           b. There should be zero gap between flange on shaft and
               front differential, but,
           c. Flanges should be able to be rotated past each other by
               hand with some resistance.
           d. If drive shaft is too long or too short, proceed to step 6.
               If not, skip to step 7.

6) Loosen three bolts which attach front differential assembly to sub-frame.

           a. This will allow the front differential to move for/aft .

7) Install and tighten bolts at front flange.

8) Tighten bolts at rear flange.

9) Tighten the three front differential securing bolts, if loosened in step 5.

10) Get out there and MASH that thang!