GoWesty Core Buyback FAQ


Q: How does it work?
A: Gather up your parts and email sales@gowesty.com with a list of what you would like to send in. We prefer that you include a photo or two so we can visually inspect it before you ship it to us. We will provide you with a return authorization number prior to your shipping the items to us. After we receive and inspect your item(s), we'll add the appropriate amount of GoBucks to your online account!

Q: I see you charging a higher core charge than you "pay" for core buybacks. What gives?
A: The core buyback program is a great opportunity to turn your old used parts into usable store credit (GoBucks). The amount we pay for specific items is directly related to what we need at the moment and the rarity of the item in question.

Q: Do I have to pay for shipping?
A: Yes, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges associated with the core buyback program. Flat-rate boxes are a great way to ship some of the heavier items!

Q: Is there a limit to how much stuff I can send you? I have a pile of stuff!
A: In order to give everyone a fair shot at turning their cores into GoBucks, we ask that each item (unless otherwise noted) be limited to one per customer. But if you've got a stack of air flow meters... just ask us how many we'll accept!

Q: How long do I have to wait to receive my GoBucks?
A: Once we have received your item(s), it takes about 2-4 business days for cores to be inspected. Once inspected and found to be “rebuildable,” you will receive an email that your GoBucks have been applied into your account.

Q: Wait... What if I don't have an online account at GoWesty?
A: You'll definitely need to create one. That's the only way we can give you the GoBucks you've earned!

Q: “Rebuildable”–what does that mean?
A: A little dirt never hurt anyone, so we aren’t expecting shiny new parts. However, we do expect all cores to be free of damage (cracks, dents), no major rust or corrosion, and have all the major components included. NOTE: If you send us photos and we provide you with an RA #, that part will be accepted, no questions asked, because you've done your due diligence.

Q: What if my part is not deemed as “rebuildable”?
A: If we receive a core that we feel isn’t able to be rebuilt, you can either have it shipped back to you–at your cost–or let us know you do not wish to get it back. Any cores you don’t wish to have shipped back will be recycled properly.