Warranty Information

GoWesty Warranty

It is important to understand that the purchase of a  vehicle from our GoWesty Vehicle Sales division is a separate transaction than the purchase of the repairs done to a vehicle by our GoWesty Auto Repair division.  Vehicles are purchased as a USED VEHICLE IN AS-IS CONDITION on a GoWesty Vehicle Sales invoice and contract. There is no expressed or implied warranty pertaining to the vehicle itself.

However, all of the parts provided and installed by GoWesty for the purpose of repairing or servicing a vehicle are warranted for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first. The warranty applies only to the parts and labor shown on the GoWesty Auto Repair invoices pertaining to a vehicle at the time of sale. The warranty does not cover towing costs, loss of time, inconvenience, food, or lodging due to a breakdown. The warranty is limited to our replacement cost of any part included in the aforementioned invoice(s), and any labor to replace a covered item here at GoWesty is covered 100%. In the event it is impractical to have a covered item replaced here at GoWesty, any outside labor required to replace the part(s) is covered at a rate of $35 per hour using the Mitchell guide to determine fair time. Our rebuilt engines and transaxles are covered by an additional written 48 month, 48,000 mile limited, pro-rated warranty. Additional extended warranty contracts by the AUL Corporation are available at an additional charge.

All that having been stated, please rest assured that we inspected our vehicles very carefully prior to offering them for sale, and have done our very best to repair those items necessary for our vehicles to be reliable and safe. We have also done our very best to represent this vehicle accurately and honestly. These vehicles have many systems and parts that are in good working order that need no service or repair at the time of sale, but in fact are as old as the vehicle. Any one of these systems or parts could fail and would not be covered by this warranty. Finally, and most importantly: IF YOU PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM GOWESTY AND EXPERIENCE TROUBLE WITH IT, YOU HAVE OUR PROMISE THAT GOWESTY WILL WORK DILIGENTLY TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM IN A FAIR WAY, WHETHER THE ITEM THAT FAILED IS WARRANTIED OR NOT.

Extended AUL Warranty