Gear Carrier - Rebuilt [Vanagon]

Works With:1983-1991
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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Nobody rebuilds these as thoroughly or as precisely as GoWesty. We finally got tired of counting on other manufacturers to do this correctly, so we rolled up our sleeves and did it right! Other companies simply re-bore the area where the main shaft ball bearing is located and add an aluminum or steel sleeve to the magnesium housing... and call it done! We just weren't satisfied with the lack of precision or the finishing dimensions—and the bottom of the hole, which is often beat to hell, wasn't being repaired. Until now.

We use an aluminum sleeve because it is tougher than the magnesium the rest of the housing is made, but it expands at roughly the same rate—so the press fit between the two is maintained. But since the bearing is steel, the bearing loses its press fit in the housing as the transaxle heats up. That is why getting the thrust absolutely correct is much more critical—thus, the use of steel at the bottom of the bore.

It is the thrust positioning of the bearing that fails first, which allows the bearing to move axially, and it is this movement of the bearing in the bore that wears out the bore—not the other way around. Although there is a loss of radial press fit due to temperature rise, the radial loads through the bearing are pretty uniform and relatively low-impact—that problem is definitely the chicken, not the egg. The thrust (axial) loads, by contrast, are impact and non-uniform—this is the egg. If you can keep the thrust movement under control, the system should last indefinitely. And since all of our transaxles are warrantied for 48 months/48,000 miles, we need stuff to last “indefinitely”!

These are not just bored and bushed like the ones available elsewhere. Ours are done on a CNC (computer numerical control) machine on a proper fixture—so they are spot on every time.

Our rebuilt gear carriers include the following:

• Thoroughly cleaned and soda-blasted surfaces
• Main shaft bearing bore milled out and bushed with an aluminum sleeve
• Bottom of bearing bore machined perfectly flat and to a lower depth to make room for:
• Exclusive GoWesty hardened steel shim
- This shim provides a durable surface for the main shaft bearing to push against (thrust)
• Drilled to accept factory lubrication-enhancing "oiling plates."

NOTE: While VW offered a 2WD version (091-301-173C) and a 4WD version (094-301-173), we have engineered these carriers to work flawlessly for both applications. Easy-peasy!

The rebuilt version is sold exchange. Your $100 core deposit will be refunded upon receipt and inspection of your old gear carrier. Cores must be in rebuildable condition. Cores that are overly corroded on their exteriors will not be accepted.

To return your core, please visit our return portal. Enter your order number and postal code, and choose core return to receive an RMA and return instructions.

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