Rear Brake Wheel Cylinder

Works With:1972-1991
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket
1 Review
1 Review

Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Not all rear brake wheel hydraulic cylinders are created equal! No, not even all GERMAN made ones! This part is a genuine ATE part, and it is all we use in our own shop. These cylinders have an expansion spring in them, unlike other "same as original" copies out there. We learned the HARD WAY why that damn little spring is so important! Without the little spring the pistons collapse, causing you to have to pump the pedal once before the brakes ACTUALLY WORK. NO GOOD!

Do it once, do it right, and you will not regret it!

Two required per vehicle.

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