Rock Slider / Hi-Lift Jack Point Lower Rocker Panel Guards [Vanagon]

Works With:1980-1991
3 Reviews
3 Reviews
Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Self-certified made in USA of U.S. and imported parts

NEW FEATURE! Now with three Hi-Lift Jack points built into the rocker guards. No need to carry around an extra jack adapter. Just jack from three separate spots: front wheel, rear wheel, or lift the entire side from the center. 

These brilliantly simple rocker reinforcements are low-key, super tough, and simple to install. Made of heavy-duty boxed frame steel, they add considerable reinforcement to the rocker panels for sliding over high points or, landing hard on high points. These reinforcements are ultra-low profile to maintain good ground clearance.

Rocker reinforcements install in less than an hour. Only three holes per side are required, and the part itself acts as a template. It is super easy and super smart!

All hardware is included. Some drilling required! Check out the additional photos for guidance. Installation instructions are included.


On the Westfalia full camper, the LP tank mud flap will need to be removed and the driver's side rocker guard will make filling the LP tank difficult. Some vehicles will require spacing the tank down roughly 1/2" to make the filler valve accessible. Of course, these guards don't serve much purpose on a full camper where the tank would undoubtedly hit before the rocker guard, as the tank sits considerably lower. However, some people like to run them anyway!

Speaking of LP tank interference, if you want to run these rocker guards, we highly recommend deleting your low-hanging LP tank with our clever LP Tank Delete Kit. Get your ground clearance back!

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