Canadian Customs Broker Information

If you reside in Canada, you'll need to obtain a customs broker to "broker" your freight shipment into the country. The following is a Q&A to help you understand the process.

Q: What does a customs broker do?
A: The customs broker acts as a "middle man" between the importer (you) and the Canadian government by arranging the import/export of good safely, securely, and quickly through customs. The customs broker will also help you understand the complex government regulations and current rate of duties/taxes that must be paid to the importing country. A customs broker is required for all import truck freight.

Q: Why doesn't GoWesty handle customs brokerage for me?
A: Technically, we could handle this process for you on our end. However, it would be much more costly for you. GoWesty does not maintain a physical presence or residence in Canada, which means that "importing" goods into Canada would result in greater taxing by the Canadian government. That would ultimately mean a significant increase in shipping costs for our Canadian customers. 

Q: How do I contact a customs broker, and what will they require me to do?
A: Most brokers require paperwork (such as a credit application) in order to establish an account. Application processing times can vary, so it is required that you obtain a customs broker prior to GoWesty shipping your product(s). Without a designated customs broker, shipments will be delayed at the border and will be subject to additional storage fees. We recommend Pacific Customs Brokers at (604) 538-1566. They are extremely helpful and competitively priced.

Q: After I contact a broker, what else do I need to do?
A: After you have obtained a customs broker, please contact GoWesty to give us the broker information. After you do that... you don't have to do anything else! If your order includes a GoWesty rebuilt engine or transaxle, we'll handle the return freight process for you. Just give us a call when the core is ready to pick up, and we'll take care of the rest.

We appreciate your business!