Core Buyback Program

GoWesty is committed to keeping your camper alive and "in the cycle" for as long as humanly possible. Oftentimes, brand-new parts are simply not available anymore, and we must find high-quality used parts to refurbish. If you have extra parts cluttering up your garage, you can turn them into a GoBucks gold mine! 

Got a question? Check out our Core Buyback FAQ Page.

Here's how it works: If you find something on this list that you would like to sell us, please email with a description of what you have, and we will assist you in turning that "junk" into GoBucks that you can spend on our site! Please allow 2-3 days for an email response.

The items we are currently seeking include:

1900cc Waterboxer Longblock* Not currently needed
2100cc Waterboxer Longblock* Not currently needed
*Does not rotate 2 full revolutions - minus 50%
  Missing Flexplate / Flywheel - minus $75 / $100            
  Missing Intake Manifold, each - minus $50
  Missing Plenum - minus $75
  Missing Pulley - minus $50
A-arm (2WD/4WD), Pair Not currently needed
Air Flow Meter - 1.9 Not currently needed
Air Flow Meter - 2.1 Not currently needed
Clutch Pedal Not currently needed
Drive Flanges (Pair) — Automatic ONLY $100 GoBucks
Flexplate $75 GoBucks
Gear Carrier Not currently needed
Idle Control Unit Not currently needed
Intake Manifold Not currently needed
Intake Plenum (Late 1.9 only, mounting tab at flywheel end accepts an M10 stud, not an M8) $75 GoBucks

NOTE: Cores must be in "rebuildable" condition. Cores that are not rebuildable will not receive GoBucks credit. Customer is responsible for shipping charges to get item(s) to GoWesty.