Engine Core Return Sheet

Below is a copy of the Engine Core Return Sheet that we send out with a new engine. This is the guide we use to determine the value of a core.


This is the core break-down sheet that we use to calculate the amount of your engine core refund. Please note that values are subject to change as the price of these replacement parts changes (but we do our best to keep it very up-to-date). NOTE: ADDITIONAL CORE DEDUCTIONS MAY APPLY BASED ON NON-REUSABLE CORE COMPONENTS. 

The amount of your refund is determined by the condition of your engine core. A GoWesty technician will disassemble it, inspect it, and use this sheet to calculate the amount charged against your deposit for any unusable/missing parts. GoWesty will then rebuild your engine core for someone else. We inspect cores in the order they arrive, and—depending on our workload—refunds can take between 60 - 90 days from the date your core arrives. Please know that we will do everything we can to get your core checked out and the cash back in your pocket as fast as possible!

Tear down inspection examples:

A) Example of "Good" Engine Core

  • Crank rotates freely; minor pitting on case sealing surfaces; one bad stud; plastic coolant elbow (rather than metal).
  • One bad stud: $50 charge
  • Incorrect elbow: $50 charge
  • Total charges: $100
  • Core deposit refund: $1400

B) Example of "Bad" Engine Core

  • Core has a hole in the case; one broken rod; broken camshaft; however, the crankshaft can be machined.
  • Large hole in case: $750 charge
  • One broken rod: $50 charge
  • Broken camshaft: $100 charge
  • Total charges: $900
  • Core deposit refund: $600


Engine Components Criteria and Values ($)
Engine Case (Block) Same engine size must be returned as purchased, otherwise $250 charge plus repairs as follows: Alternator bracket surface, $100. Water jacket seal pitting/other, $100/hr. Case not repairable, $750. If the engine block has had a previous align bore and requires another, the case is not repairable ($750 deduction). 
Align Bore  If case requires align bore OR has already had an align bore, $250. 
Head Studs Any corrosion at all on a stud: stud no good. Cost is $50 per stud, up to a max of $750.00 (15 studs). Total of 16 possible—if more than 15 are bad, case value is forfeited.
Crankshaft Missing or broken crankshaft, $250. No charge if just machining required (included in engine overhaul).
Cylinders Scoring OK, missing, cracked, or broken, $50 each. Total of 4 possible. (max of $200).
Connecting Rods Missing or broken rod, $50 each. No charge if just in need of overhaul, included in engine overhaul. Total of 4 possible. (max of $200).
Rocker Arms/Shaft Missing or broken rocker arms and/or shaft assembly, $75. Total of 2 possible (max of $150).
Camshaft Broken or missing camshaft, $100.
Coolant Elbow Coolant elbow on passenger side of engine block. If steel, must be re-usable. If plastic, it must be replaced with steel. If too corroded or plastic, $50.
Flywheel (M/T) or
Flex Plate (A/T)

Missing or worn-out flywheel, $75.
Missing or broken flex plate, $250.
Loose rivets on flex plate, $100.

Ring Gear Not usable / no good, $75.
Flip only, $35.
Exhaust Bracket for 1-3 Exhaust Pipe (2WD 2.1 Only) Please keep your exhaust brackets to use with your new motor. Do not send these to us!
Intake Manifolds and Plenum Left and right manifolds, center plenum. Missing and/or badly corroded and/or broken parts, $75 each. Total of three possible (max of $225).
V-Belt Pulley (2WD or 4WD) Missing, badly corroded, or damaged pulley, $100. Note: If you send back a single-groove pulley, $100 charge applies.
Push Rods Missing, bent, damaged, or non-stainless push rod tubes, $12 each. Total of 8 possible (max of $96).
Push Tubes Missing, bent, damaged, or non-stainless push rod tubes, $20 each. Total of 8 possible (max of $160).
Oil Cooler

Missing, badly corroded, or damaged oil cooler, $75. This does not apply to 1.9 engine cores.

Fluid Clean-Up Fee

Engine core not fully drained of oil and/or coolant. Maximum charge of $100.

 Please note that these values can change without notice.