Gobucks Information

GoBucks! Wait... what are GoBucks? Read on, and all of your questions will be answered!

What the heck are GoBucks?
GoBucks is a rewards program for online GoWesty shoppers. It's pretty simple: You buy stuff for your VW camper, and you automatically earn rewards in the form of GoBucks! You can use your GoBucks on any future purchase at GoWesty, you can gift them to friends or family... basically, they're really cool.

Does it cost anything?
There is no cost to participate in the GoBucks program! All you have to do is shop like you normally would... except that you'll be earning GoBucks rewards while you do it!

Can anyone participate? Do I have to enroll?
All GoWesty retail customers can participate. There is no need to enroll, either. All existing GoWesty customers are already eligible, and all new customers will be automatically enrolled! NOTE: If you have a wholesale account with GoWesty, you are not eligible for the GoBucks program.

How do I earn GoBucks?
All you have to do is shop like you normally would. You will automatically earn GoBucks! It's really that easy.

Do all of my GoWesty purchases apply?
All purchases (except GoBucks/Gift Certificates) made at www.gowesty.com apply. Of course, we reserve the right to restrict certain products from qualifying at any time in the future, but we don't have any plans to do that. So, yes, you can purchase an engine and earn GoBucks!

What is the earning percentage for the GoBucks program?
We thought you'd never ask. The earning percentage for the GoBucks program is 5%. In other words, for every dollar you spend at GoWesty, you earn 5% back in GoBucks. Pretty sweet, huh?

Can the earning percentage change?
We aren't planning to change the earning percentage, but we reserve the right to change the percentage at any time. Of course, any change in the earning percentage would not affect previously accrued GoBucks.

Do GoBucks expire?
Heck no! That wouldn't be very fair, would it? The GoBucks you accrue are yours to keep and spend as you see fit. You can hold onto them for a year or two... or spend them almost as quickly as you earn them!

Can I earn GoBucks while taking advantage of another GoWesty promotional program?
Yes, you can earn GoBucks in conjunction with almost every other GoWesty promotion. In other words, if we have a Thanksgiving weekend sale and you purchase a slew of sale items, you'll still earn GoBucks on those purchases.

Can I combine the GoBucks I've earned with multiple online accounts?
If you've got multiple online accounts with GoWesty for some reason, each of these accounts is eligible to earn GoBucks. You can "gift" your GoBucks to any other person of your choosing (via a GoBucks Gift Certificate), so there's no reason you couldn't "gift" your accrued GoBucks to a single account. Of course, giving yourself gifts is a little strange, but we'll let you do it if you're so inclined.

How can I check my GoBucks balance?
You can view your GoBucks balance any time you are logged in to your GoWesty account. It will always be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the site.

Can I opt out of this program?
Currently, all GoWesty customers earn GoBucks. The simple way to opt out is to not use your GoBucks for any purchase. We have no idea why you'd make that choice, but we're all for freedom of expression.

How do I redeem my GoBucks?
GoBucks in your account may be applied in checkout to any order placed online. GoBucks are not redeemable for cash.