2022 NORRA 500

NORRA 500 - Another resounding success!
Both vans finished the race, enduring two days of punishing terrain to each claim their respective class wins. #421 took the Evolution Hybrid Class, and #422 once again claimed the RV Class title. The vans finished 50th and 56th overall out of 72 entries. Yee-haw! 

Race recap: We competed with both of our race vans in the 2022 Norra 500 as we did back in the 2018 Norra 1000. Up until now, both vans have run either together or individually in the RV class. For the 2022 Norra 500 only the green Syncro we call “The Trainer” ran in the RV class as usual, but we converted the white van (newly renamed “E-van GoWattsy”) to a gasoline-electric hybrid and ran it in NORRA's new Hybrid class. We drove both vans from GoWesty to Ensenada, ran the rally, beat about half the competition, and then drove them both back to GoWesty—a feat we have accomplished many times—that no other competitor has even attempted! Both GoWesty vans not only completed the event but made it home on their own power!

The main reason we chose to run the Trainer was to support the yet untested Evan GoWattsy hybrid entry. Ironically, it was the Trainer that suffered a significant failure (front differential) and had to complete the second day of the rally with only rear-wheel drive. Not only could it not support Evan: it could not even keep up! All in all, 72 four-wheeled vehicles started the rally, and only 56 finished. Our vans ended up finishing at the back of the pack, but at least we finished! These are slow race cars, but boy are they fast houses!

The NORRA race series has given us further testing opportunities for some of our new innovations such as new GoWesty 2.5” Fox Shocks, new GoWesty Lower Ball Joints and Syncro ball joint brackets, New GoWesty Lower Control Arms as well as continued endurance and reliability testing of our GoWesty Electronic Fuel Injection and 2.7 Engine, GoWesty rear disc brakes and many, many more GoWesty Innovations we sell to you, our loyal customers. Thank you!

Why do we do this stuff?
So, why do we do this? Is it just for bragging rights? Well, there is that—we love to brag! But it is much more than that. It is about practicing what we preach. It is about actually using what we sell, which often ends up breaking what we use—then changing what we sell! The lessons we have learned on the race track and way, way out in the middle of the desert are just not something you can simply imagine and employ. It’s the hard knocks that come from pushing our products way beyond what most people would do that sets GoWesty apart from all of our “competitors.”
Check out all our NORRA Mexican 1000 race videos.

A heart-felt thank you to our sponsors:

Electric GT
These folks have been a fantastic e-partner. If you have ever dreamt of electrifying your trusty steed, Electric GT should be on your list of potential suppliers. Check them out!

Fox Racing Shocks

The experimental Fox 2.5 Race-Series shocks did not even break a sweat! We were so confident in their durability that we didn't even bring spares! Thanks Fox!

Weddle Industries
Weddle Gears did it again. Unsurpassed strength and reliability. Thanks Weddle!

Falken Tires
They provided 12 fresh tires for this effort. These things are tougher than Baja rocks themselves. This is was the 6th and 7th time we have run NORRA with Falken tires WITHOUT A SINGLE ISSUE! Simply the best off-road tire made, period! 

Peloquin Differentials
The torque biasing diffs worked great, almost never had to lock up the front or rear diff!

Guayaki Yerba Mate
These folks have been with us from the beginning. Quenching our thirst and energizing every moment of our adventures with the cleanest of clean energy!
The guys over at Linear Logistics had us well informed with their Scangauge product. At all times we had our engine vitals monitored and displayed right on the dash. 
Doghouse Promotions
Provided the sweet threads we rocked all week long. Nice job, team!