Transaxle Warranty Agreement

Thank you for purchasing a GoWesty rebuilt transaxle. First and foremost: If there is ANY problem with your GoWesty transaxle upon installation, GoWesty will work diligently with the installer to remedy the problem in a fair way, at no cost to the owner. Beyond installation, the following warranty will apply if the attached REGISTRATION CARD is filled out and returned to GoWesty within 20 days after installation.

The transaxle is warranted on a pro-rated basis to be free from defects, under normal use, in materials and workmanship for a period of forty-eight (48) months from date of purchase or forty-eight thousand (48,000) miles, whichever comes first, provided the gear oil change is performed every 30,000 miles on both manual transaxles and automatic transaxles, plus ATF and ATF filter change on automatic transaxles, also at 30,000-mile intervals. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep proper documentation of oil changes. If your odometer is not operating, warranty is void. Seals and gaskets, which may or may not cause minor fluid leaks, are not covered after the first 12 months/12,000 miles.

Transaxle failure due to improper installation, overheating, insufficient, wrong, and/or contaminated oil, oil additives, or outright abuse, etc., will not be honored. Warranty shall not apply to transaxles installed with non-stock or missing accessories on the transaxle or vehicle that, in the determination of GoWesty, is/are necessary for proper performance or reliability. This includes replacement of the original engine type (often called engine conversions)—please see special note below, "Special Note for Non-Waterboxer Conversions." Because overheating is caused by towing and/or off-road use, this transaxle is not warranted against damage resulting from overheating. There are “melt tabs” installed which will melt if transaxle is overheated (AT only). For the purposes of this warranty: All manual transaxles require the use of Red Line GL5 75W90 Gear Oil  or BG Ultra Guard 75-90 gear oil (NOT INCLUDED); all AT transaxles require full synthetic, Dextron III compatible (any brand), and Swepco 201 gear oil in the differential (and must be changed every 30K miles).

This warranty is limited to replacement or repair by GoWesty of said transaxle that, after our inspection, is determined to be defective. This warranty is void if this transaxle is disassembled prior to warranty claim. GoWesty must grant prior approval for tear down. GoWesty does not assume any responsibility for shipping charges, towing charges, oil or coolant, or time lost while the vehicle is out of use. The obligations assumed under this warranty are limited to replacement of parts—dictated by GoWesty's retail prices—and labor only as provided herein and are in lieu of all other obligations, warranties or guarantees expressed or implied. LABOR RATE PAID BY GOWESTY IS LIMITED TO $60 PER HOUR. LABOR HOURS ARE FIGURED FROM MITCHELL GUIDE ONLY.

This is a pro-rated warranty.* Any warranty resolution as determined by GoWesty will be offered on a pro-rated basis, calculated by the greater of either of the fractions created by the number of months or miles from installation divided by 48 or 48,000 respectively, multiplied by the value of the agreed warranty resolution. For example, if complete failure occurs at 18 months and 32,000 miles requiring complete replacement of the transaxle, a replacement unit would be offered at 32/48, or two thirds of the current regular retail price.

*We also offer two warranty upgradesOur "Easy Rider"and "Road Warrior"policies can be purchased separately to obtain greater coverage. Both options greatly increase the parts and labor coverage, and are well worth the extra expense. 

As of September 2013, your GoWesty automatic Vanagon transaxle includes a GoWesty External Cooler Kit. It is not a good idea to re-use the old cooler from a failed transaxle for several reasons. Please read this article for more information. Also, since it is likely that your old oil cooler contains debris from the failed transaxle that can damage your new transaxle, please note that your warranty is void if you re-use your old cooler. Installing the included GoWesty external cooler is a requirement of your GoWesty warranty. Failure due to overheating is NOT covered by your warranty. The GoWesty external coolerwill keep your transaxle much cooler than the the original cooler. 

The standard GoWesty warranty will not apply to your transaxle. However, we do extend standard warranty coverage for the first 30 days after installation—this is to ensure that you have a good, operational transaxle. After that time, the standard warranty no longer applies. GoWesty will offer "good will" coverage at 1/2 the standard pro-rated amount. For example, if you had 50% of your "warranty" left—and you experienced a warranty-related issue—GoWesty would cover 25% of the repair. NOTE: Any repair work that might be covered under your GoWesty warranty must first be approved by GoWesty in advance of repairs.

In order to maintain your GoWesty warranty, you must install a NEW transaxle control unit (TCU). 
If a new unit is no longer available for your vehicle, we cannot offer ANY WARRANTY on the transaxle. 


Warranty VOID if registration card is not returned to GoWesty! within 20 days after installation

Customer Name ________________________________

Invoice #_______________________________________

Model _________________________________________

Year ___________________________________________

Vehicle Mileage*_________________________________

VIN# ___________________________________________

Serial #_________________________________________

Date of Installation _______________________________

Name of Installer _________________________________

Installer Phone #__________________________________

Please initial here to indicate you have read the special instructions and guidelines located on the back of your warranty_______

 I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of my warranty.

Owner’s Signature: ______________________________________ Date_____________


*Warranty VOID if odometer is not working properly


 1)            Your Syncro transaxle is being shipped without the front section that mates to the drive shaft.  This is done purposefully for two reasons:


  1. With this section installed it will not fit within shipping dimension limitations, and
  2. This is a good time to consider a drive shaft de-coupler that installs           in its place. Special sealant is provided for this purpose.

2)            The standard 48 month/48,000 mile warranty is VOID on Syncro transaxles, UNLESS customer can provide documentation:


  1. That the viscous coupler (VC) was replaced with a new or rebuilt unit at time of trans install, or within the previous 20,000 miles, or:
  2. That the VC is being replaced with a de-coupler.

Above documentation does not need to be provided UNLESS there is a warranty claim.  This notice is simply to advise you that it is of the utmost importance to replace the VC every 100,000 miles or so, as this device will seize with age causing severe stress on the drive train, and to the transaxle in particular. 

In short, GoWesty STRONGLY recommends replacing the front section of the transaxle with a de-coupler device.  We sell this device as a kit, which includes all of the plumbing and switch needed to operate it.  This kit assumes your Syncro ALREADY HAS a rear differential lock.  If it does not, this needs to be specified at the time of purchase so the correct operating system can be provided.

The de-coupler device, once installed, allows your Syncro to operate in 2WD normally.  Then when 4WD is needed, you activate the de-coupler device and instantly switch to 4WD at any speed.  This is the single most important upgrade you can do to your Syncro.  The ability to de-couple the drive shaft completely eliminates the stresses created by tire size differences, wheel slippage, tight turning radius issues, and old and tired VC issues.  With this device installed the need to periodically test and/or replace the VC is eliminated.  In fact, we also sell a solid shaft that replaces the VC entirely so when you switch to 4WD you have 100% 4WD, no slippage at all.

Your signature below indicates you have read the above, understand its implications, and accept the terms and conditions of the special instructions and limits:
Owners signature:_______________________________________________