16" Wheel & Tire Package w/ General Grabbers [2WD]

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:240.0 lb
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket
$1,212.40 - $1,506.95

Still rolling with stock 14" wheels and tires on your van? You deserve better than that. These 8-hole alloys look great, sure. But what they offer in improved ride, driveability, and off-road prowess is what really counts. We promise that you won't be disappointed!

This package includes:
• (4) 16 x 7.5", ET 23, 8-hole style alloy wheels
• (4) 215/70-16 General Grabber AT2 tires
• (4) center caps and hardware

Mounting hardware options:
• For 2WD Vanagon WITHOUT Big Brakes, you will need to purchase "Conversion Bolts and Nuts" for your hardware.
• For 2WD Vanagon WITH Big Brakes, you will need to purchase "All Nuts" for your hardware.

The long and short of it: these things come mounted, balanced and ready to bolt on and drive!

Additional Special Note: If you plan to add these larger tires to your vehicle, we have a specially-calibrated speedometer available. This unit will increase the speedometer/odometer reading by 7%. For example, if your speedometer reads 50 mph, this unit will increase that reading to 53.5 mph—please see the speedometer product page for more details. NOT recommended for use with standard GoWesty 15" and 16" wheel/tire packages (outfitted with 215/65/15 and 215/60-16, respectively). These tires are only marginally larger in diameter than the original tires, and will—in fact—most likely make your speedometer and odometer read more accurately than it currently is.

14" Spare: If you plan to keep (and potentially use) your 14” steel wheel spare, you will need to keep one set of your original steel wheel hardware in the event of needing to use your spare.

16" Spare: This 16" wheel will not fit in the spare tire bay.

This wheel and tire combination requires our 1.5" 2WD lifting springs for the necessary fender clearance.

The center caps fit perfectly on this wheel. However, the front track (which is the distance between the left and right wheel) is greater on the front than the rear on all Vanagons. Adding the GoWesty Wheel Stud and Spacer Kit to the rear wheels makes the track the same front and rear.

If you are going to use any GW alloy wheel with the GW finned drum brakes, you will need to purchase longer studs (56mm), sold separately.

Initial shipping cost are subject to change. For U.S. and Canadian customers only. Please call for rates to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, or any other destination outside of the lower 48 states.

Shipping cost with a 5th wheel may not be entirely accurate. In the case that it is not, we will contact you with an accurate shipping amount.