2-Pin SAE Bulkhead Connector

Works With:1968-2003
Weight:0.25 lb
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket

This is a two-pin, 10 AWG SAE-style, bulkhead connector that interfaces perfectly with our solar kits. It can be installed anywhere your heart desires. We have seen them installed inside an unused hookup box, in a blocked-off refrigerator vent, on the roof, and even right through the side of the van. Simply drill a hole where you want it and install with sealant and screws (not included). Wire the plug directly to your solar controller inputs and you have an easy and unobtrusive method of plugging in your solar panel.

Very important note: As wired, this plug is for INPUT of power. The red wire goes to positive solar controller or battery, black to ground. To use this connector for OUTPUT, it must be wired in reverse, red to ground, black to positive. Always add a fuse inline when wiring a power output circuit.