Aluminum Manual Transaxle Differential Case

Works With:1983-1991
Weight:30.0 lb

These are brand-new, genuine Volkswagen, Vanagon transaxle differential housings. They are made of aluminum (instead of magnesium, which is what came on all Vanagon transaxles sold in the USA). Aluminum housings are far stronger and much less susceptible to pinion bearing bore wear, which is becoming a big problem on the aging transaxle population out there. These are an excellent upgrade to any transaxle build, especially for high-horsepower applications. If you are also purchasing a rebuilt transaxle from us, simply add this part to your cart, and we will include it in your build for no additional labor cost. Available while our limited supplies last!

We strongly recommend purchasing one of our aluminum gear carriers in conjunction with this aluminum diff housing (see below!).

Locking aluminum differential cases are no longer available.