BARGAIN BASEMENT - GoWesty Rear Coil Springs [4WD Syncro Vanagon]

Works With:1986-1991
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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Self-certified made in USA of U.S. and imported parts

ONLY 1 SET AVAILABLE - Scuff marks on springs.

Pair of GoWesty-designed dual-rate REAR coil springs for your 4WD (Syncro) Vanagon.

These springs are an exclusive GoWesty design. They are made right here in America by a leading automotive spring manufacturer that supplies many aftermarket companies. They feature an ultra-modern, hot wound (just like the OEM springs), dual-rate design based on the manufacturer's knowledge and our personal R&D over the past decade. They may look unusual, but they work. For the complete story on these springs, and a thorough explanation as to why they are the way to go, click here. Please click here for an informative response to the oft-asked question, "If I add lifting springs, do I have to install a longer shock?"

ZERO LIFT: These are designed as a direct replacement for all 1986-91 Vanagon 4WD (Syncro) Westfalia campers, and will maintain your factory ride height. If you have the much lighter hard-top Vanagon (or single/double cab truck), you will see a slight suspension lift of up to 1.5". If you have an engine conversion that has a different weight or weight distribution—something other than the Vanagon water-boxer engine—your Vanagon may not sit level. These springs are NOT designed to compensate for Vanagons with engine conversions. If you need additional leveling, we offer spring pads.
INSTALLATION NOTES: Does not require special tools to install. However, the installation of these springs is very difficult, even with a car hoist and all the correct tools. and requires a 4-wheel alignment after installation. GoWesty recommends that a professional shop with alignment tools install these springs.

ADDITIONAL NOTES FOR LIFTING SPRINGS: If you have installed lifting springs (as opposed to our zero-lift springs), you will need to have the front end re-aligned. It is important to note that our lifting springs will raise your Vanagon to its suspension limit—which means these springs are designed to get your vehicle as high as possible while still maintaining proper alignment specs. Please read this article for tips on correctly aligning your vehicle!

NOTE FOR AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS: When fitting GoWesty lifting springs to a Vanagon with automatic transmission, you should be prepared to replace your axles with our larger, heavy duty axles that are fitted with Porsche 930 Turbo CV joints. This is because there is a chance you will have a problem with the left side drive axle due to the fact it is shorter than the right one (and even shorter than both left and right on manual transaxle Vanagons). This very short AT-only left axle subjects the CV joints to a more severe angle. We have sold many sets of these springs for use on Vanagon with AT without complaint. But if your particular Vanagon happens to sit a bit higher, or the transaxle sits a little further to the left than average, or your shock absorber allows a little more down travel than the original ones—or a combination of all three—you might have an issue. The 930 CVs are capable of a greater angles and will solve the problem.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee:

We are confident that you will love these springs. If you do not love the way they feel, you are free to return them anytime within the first 60 days for a 100% refund. Shipping & installation labor excluded.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

• These springs are guaranteed never to sag, period.

• If even one of these springs sags or becomes defective in any way, we will replace the entire set or refund your money.

• If the returned spring(s) is/are determined to be defective, we will also reimburse you for the initial installation labor. We will also pay for the spring(s) to be returned to the manufacturer for thorough testing to determine what happened and why.

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