Basic Tire Carrier for Swing-Away Arm

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:18.0 lb

Heading off-road to a place where the rocks all look like arrowheads? You'll want to carry a full-size spare tire with you—and this basic spare tire tower gets the job done. This carrier is designed for use with the GoWesty Swing-Away System in conjunction with our Spare Tire Mount, or our Reverse Spare Tire Carrier. No special tools are required for installation. Bolt it on and stay inflated!

Fits: This product is designed for the Sinka and Doka trucks that have no rear hatch, however it will work with all models of Vanagon.

Important note: If your Vanagon is other than a Sinka or Doka (like in the photo), we strongly recommend you order the Universal Carrier, as it also latches to the top of your rear hatch for greater stability and versatility.