Boom Mat Spray-On Performance Acoustical Material

Works With:All Vehicles
Weight:1.4 lb
Manufacturer:Boom Mat
Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Boom Mat Spray-On is an effective solution in eliminating squeaks, rattles, vibrations, and unwanted engine and road noise.

Because Boom Mat Spray-on also contains rust inhibitors, it acts as an undercoating, providing a long-lasting and effective way to guard against rust, rock, gravel, and other on and off-road elements.

Boom Mat Spray-on is perfect for those hard-to-reach places such as trunk interiors, fender wells, undercarriage, body panels, rear quarters, and inside door panels to name a few. In addition to reducing noise, vibration and serving as an undercoating, Boom Mat Spray-on also serves as a thermal barrier insulating against heat.

Whether you're looking for a quieter ride by eliminating squeaks, rattles, vibrations and unwanted engine and road noise, or an effective rock guard, the benefits of Boom Mat Spray-on can be used on any vehicle. It can handle temperatures up to 300 F, be applied to non-coated surfaces and can be painted.
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