Driveshaft and Engine Underrun Bar Supports

Works With:1986-1991
Weight:10.0 lb

When we needed to strengthen the underrun bars on our NORRA race vans we designed these supports. We took one of the Syncros to Northwest Mogfest, having forgotten that we removed the prototypes for final manufacturing adjustments, and ended up with a severely bent driveshaft! Built from rugged steel and coated with a durable primer, then semi-gloss powder coat. Don't go wheelin' without 'em!

Fits: All 1986-91 4WD Syncro models with original driveshaft and engine protection parts.

Kit includes:
• (2) Mid-span supports
• (2) Engine Underrun bar supports
• (1) Complete installation hardware kit
• (1) Detailed instructions

Important installation note: To achieve the greatest amount of underrun bar support, this product must be installed in a location that interferes with numerous pipes, hoses, and wiring. These are bolt-on, no cutting or welding is required, but installation is not easy and is best performed by an experienced mechanic with plenty of tools and patience. The vehicle owner must be aware that this process is labor-intensive, and will require rearranging components along the frame rails, depending on vehicle specification and condition.