Eurovan Winnebago Lift Kit (Late)

Works With:2001-2003
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket
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$2,576.18 - $3,078.28

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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.


It's time to stop scraping your LPG tank on the gravel and holding your breath while glancing over speed-bumps. Here is the solution to the Eurovan Campers' poor ground clearance.

This kit increases your campers ground clearance two to three inches through a simple suspension lift and level procedure. Consequentially the center of gravity of the van is also raised. To compensate for the reduction in stability, this kit also includes new Bilstein shock absorbers and wider alloy wheels and tires. (To learn more about our tire recommendations for Eurovans, please click here). This results in a ride superior to the factory setup with far greater accessibility to roads that don't happen to be PERFECTLY FLAT.

This kit includes the following:

• (4) Bilstein Extra Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers or Deluxe Fox Shocks
• (4) 16" x 7.5" Alloy Wheels
• (4) 235/60-16 Michelin Defender or Yokohama Geolandar tires*
• (1) 1/2" coil spring spacers
• (4) Wheel centering rings
• (20) black lug bolt conversion studs
• (20) black lug nuts

*Tire options: We offer Michelin Defender T+H or Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015. The Defender T+H is Michelin's flagship tire. It is perfect for drivers looking for a long-lasting, comfortable tire that delivers all-season traction in the dry, wet and light snow. The Geolandar is developed for drivers looking for a tough and durable tire capable of withstanding off-road duty while providing long treadlife and year-round traction, even in snow.

Disclaimer: Bilsteins are not designed for prolonged off-road use, especially wash-board type roads. Due to their internal valving, they can and will overheat due to extended periods of off-highway travel. Like any shock Bilstein manufactures, overheating is not covered under the lifetime warranty.

Torsion Bar Adjustment & Wheel Alignment:Simply installing these parts is not all that is required. The front suspension height will need to be adjusted and a 4-wheel alignment is recommended. That requires special tools and a shop with Eurovan experience. We recommend you check out the GoWesty Library article on the subject for more technical information about this process located here.

Constant Velocity Joints: As the CV joints wear out, a wear pattern is created between the CV balls, inner, and outer races. Lifting your vehicle means the drive axles will now be riding at a different angle. Depending on how worn-out your axles are, this may cause a new vibration under load. The two remedies are to either replace the axles with a fresh set, or at least rotate the CV joints so they are loaded in the opposite direction where there is little to no wear pattern to cause vibration. If your vehicle has identical axle lengths on left and right sides (not all models do), you can simply swap the axles left to right and the CVs will be loaded in the opposite direction. If the axles are not the same, the CV joints will have to be removed from the axles and moved to the opposite axle to achieve the same result. This is a good practice regardless of lifting as it will extend the life of your CV joints.

Oversize Tires: These 16” tires are slightly larger than the original factory 16” spare tire in 01-03 year models, but will still fit in the spare compartment. However, they are considerably larger than the 15” tire fitted to 93-00 Eurovans, and will not fit in your spare tire location.

It is perfectly fine to use your factory original spare of any size in the event of a tire failure. Driving with one different size tire will not harm anything. If you have a long way to go, and your flat was a front—it is worth the extra time to move one of the rear, full-size wheels up front so the two fronts match—this will make for a more pleasant (no pulling to one side), and safer drive.

Additionally, the larger circumference tire will cause your speedometer to read slightly slower. Check out our tech article, EV Lift Kit: Will This Affect My Odometer/Speedometer?

Bumper Clearance: Some Eurovans have slightly warped rear bumpers (fenders)—in very rare cases, the 235/60-16 tire/fender clearance will be extremely tight, and some slight trimming of those plastic fenders is required.

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