Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:0.5 lb
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket

This bundle provides all the rubber bushings needed for your front sway bar.

Bundle includes:
• (2) Sway Bar-to-Body Bushing (19mm or 21mm)
• (2) Bushing for Sway Bar Link (19mm or 21mm)
• (4) Sway Bar End Link Bushings

NOTE: PLEASE MEASURE YOUR SWAY BAR BEORE ORDERING! VW used two different sizes of sway bars: 19mm and 21mm. The easiest way to measure is to use a 19mm and 21mm open-ended wrench and fit it over the bar (anywhere works, as the bar has the same diameter all the way across).

Save a few bucks over purchasing each bushing individually!

Fitment notes:
• In MOST cases, 21mm fits all Vanagon Westfalia full-campers (1980-91)
• In MOST cases, 19mm fits all hard-tops and pop-top Wolfsburg & MV Weekenders (1980-91)

Remember, measure twice - order once!