Hard Plastic Fuel Line Replacement Kit

Works With:1983-1991
Weight:0.5 lb
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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Self-certified made in USA of U.S. and imported parts

This simple kit was designed to replace the hard plastic fuel line that feeds fuel under pressure to the engine in all 1983-91 2WD Vanagons for added safety. The original hard plastic line in your 2WD Vanagon is now approaching at least thirty years old. And it is not just a matter swapping out the plastic tubing and hose and calling it good. It is a little more nuanced than that.

VW installed the fuel hose onto this plastic material with a simple hose clamp. They were able to get away with this because they had full control of the exact hose, plastic tubing, clamp and machine to put it all together. Fast forward thirty years and, well, nobody has full control over all these variables. That is why our kit includes special barbed adaptors* that ensure a much safer junction between the rubber hoses and the plastic tubing, rather than the hose-on-plastic friction-fit system. What does that mean? Added security.

Installation Note: The hose clamps require pincer pliers

*The barbed adaptors are for the supply side only. The return side is unpressurized and would not benefit from the added security of the adaptor.

All 2WD Vanagons were fitted with a plastic fuel fitting on the firewall, the backside of which was plumbed to this plastic tubing with a short piece of hose, the front of which connected to a hose that feeds the fuel to the engine. If your Vanagon still has this fitting, get rid of it! These have a nasty way of failing, and allowing pressurized fuel to spray all over the hot engine. No Bueno. Our Fuel Hose Replacement Kit comes with a grommet that replaces this fitting so the hose feeding the engine can pass directly through and connect right to this plastic tubing, via our nifty metal fitting. Do in once. Cry (tears of joy) once.

We recommend installing the Fuel Tank Re-Seal Kit and the Fuel Hose Replacement Kit at the same time—you'll be glad you did!

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