High Power Headlight Kit (S.A. Grille)

Works With:1980-1985
Weight:1.5 lb

This high-power headlight system is for use with the South African 4-round headlight grill. This kit includes high-efficiency 55W bulbs for the inner lights. These bulbs put out 50% more light than the standard 55W bulbs without increasing the current draw! Additionally, they use a smaller, tighter filament that better utilizes the reflector for a more useful beam pattern. Overall, the high beam circuit increases from 230W to 310W, creating a marked increase in output while still maintaining a good safety margin for the aging wiring (especially when prolonged high beams are required). Coupled with the additional increase in useful output that you get from the high-efficiency bulbs, and your headlights have never performed better! 

Includes: bulbs, wiring, two relays, and complete installation instructions (does NOT include Hella 70477 "Vision Plus" lenses which are required, and sold separately here.)

Grille sold separately.