LED Light Bar for ARB Awning

Works With:1968-2002
Weight:2.5 lb

LED light designed specifically for the ARB 814403 & the ARB 814405 awnings.

Fit note: Early versions of the two awnings listed above did not have the light strip sleeve. Only current production awnings have this feature. If you are purchasing this LED light kit for your existing awning, please check closely for the presence of this sleeve. If your awning does not have the sleeve it will need to be mounted in a different location, and/or a different method.

When off-roading or camping, having a well-lit camping spot will further enhance your overnight experience in the great outdoors. Introducing the new ARB Awning & Light kits, an enhancement to the existing high quality ARB Awning range. We have incorporated an LED light strip in the awning roof to ensure the light is right where it is needed. The slim dimensions of the LED light strip simplifies packing and breakdown processes.

The light can be rolled up with the awning roof after use, allowing everything to stay together for your next adventure (make sure the joining cable hangs out about 4 inches from the sleeve).

The ARB Awning Light provides up to 1200 lumens with a color choice of cool white or amber mode and is dimmable via a waterproof-digital dimmer switch. Building a high-performance light into the roof came with some challenges. The goal, and ultimately the final result, is a small and highly capable light that doesn't dim prematurely. This was achieved by using quality LED chips that can handle more heat than a standard strip light. The strip light is attached with an aluminum track for heat dissipation, all sealed in a water-tight resin.

Color Feature: Setting your light to amber mode will help detract bugs from swarming your campsite and will also provide a late-night, soft lighting with a current draw of 1 amp per hour. The light is powered via a fused cigarette-lighter plug, with an additional 13 feet of insulated waterproof cable and connectors, so the awning light kit can be mounted on either side of your vehicle. Included with the wiring is a handy storage bag to keep all your cables together when the light is not in use.