Sensor Push Bluetooth Thermometer

Works With:1968-2003
Weight:0.13 lb


From SmartPush:

Our Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor pairs effortlessly with our mobile apps to provide the ideal solution for monitoring humidity and temperature conditions over time. Its long range (100m / 325' line of sight) keeps you up to date, even at a distance. The Swiss-made sensing component provides highly accurate, repeatable measurements that you can trust.

Data is collected at one minute intervals and is stored on the sensor for over two weeks. It is automatically pushed to mobile applications when they are in range. There it is stored for graphing and analysis. The apps allow alert ranges to be set, so you can know when there's a problem without constant checking.

The Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor is perfect for monitoring your VW Camper's fridge, interior environment, as well as your home, musical instruments, wine, cigars, art and keepsake collections and much more.

Check out the 'Specs' tab for product specifications.

Tempurature Range:
-40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)

Humidity Range:
0 - 100%
(prolonged exposure to > 80% RH may create an offset of up to +3% in the readings. This effect gradually reverses after return to < 80% RH conditions)


iOS 8+, Android 5.0+. Requires Bluetooth 4.0+ (also known as Bluetooth LE).

iPhones since the iPhone 4s, iPads since the 3rd generation and the 5th generation iPad Touch support this technology.

There are too many Android devices to list them all here, but you can look in the specifications for your device for Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth LE. Please contact SensorPush support if you are unsure about your specific device.