Shifter Shaft Bushing

Works With:1988-1991
Weight:0.25 lb

This shifter shaft bushing, formerly on the "no longer available" list, is back in action. This is the hard bushing. Requires one per vehicle. Use in conjunction with the bellows found below (related items).

Note: This hard bushing/bellows system is superior in terms of shifting and durability, but they do not dampen any engine vibration. Not recommend for in-line engine conversions.

Fit note: This bushing and bellows (see related item below) system came standard on all late model Vanagons (1988-91) in the the rear shifter shaft location. It is a superior design to the earlier "soft" bushing design that did not utilize the rubber "bellows" boots to keep dirt and debris out of the greased bushing. If you have the earlier style, you can update your shift linkage to this set up.