Shifter Shaft Bushing Set (Teflon) [Vanagon]

Works With:1983-1991
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket
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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

If you are as tired as we are of the low quality, poor fit and function of the various aftermarket attempts to copy the original shift shaft bushings and boots, this is the solution. We tried this hard-bushing approach once with a different material, and that worked better than the original parts—but this latest iteration is even better. It's super-slick. No joke!

Introducing our Shift Shaft Bushing Set for all 1983-91 Vanagon, made of 100% Teflon!

Fits: This bushing set replaces both the early-style (1983-87, 251-711-207D) “soft” bushing and also the later-style (1988-91 251-711-207E) “hard” bushing and rubber "bellows" (211-711-167F) system.

Our Teflon bushing is designed to operate completely dry. No lube of any kind is used on the bushing or the shafts—nothing for dirt and grime to stick to. Zero regular maintenance is required. The occasional flushing out with a garden hose after a long off-pavement drive may be required at most.

To install, just clean off all the old built-up lubricants and road grime, slip these bushings into place, and forget about sticky shifting. These are truly the last set of shifter bushings you will have to install in your Vanagon!

Sold as a pair. One pair (set) required per vehicle. One bushing at the front, and one at the rear. Buy our complete Shifter System Overhaul Bundle and save. 

Installers Note: This hard bushing system is vastly superior in terms of shifting, durability and maintenance. However, they do not dampen engine vibration (noise) between the shift shafts and body as well. This is not a problem with a flat-four engine (VW Waterboxer or Subaru) because they are so smooth. Not recommended for inline engine conversions, especially diesel.

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