Socket for Front Torsion Bar

Works With:1993-2003
Weight:1.25 lb

If you are performing a lift and level on your Eurovan, this item is a must-have. 

Adjusting the front torsion bar of any Eurovan is fairly simple... if you've got the correct size socket. Without it—well, let's just say that not having this socket will make your Saturday afternoon project feel a lot like a Monday morning, over and over again.

This is an aftermarket version of the factory VW 2583 deep impact socket. We no longer import the factory socket, because the price tag is just too ridiculous. This lower-cost unit works beautifully, and will leave you with a quality tool in your arsenal for future torsion bar adjustments.

Specs: 1/2" drive; 27mm x 109mm (128mm total length)