Trailing Arm Set (Long Travel)

Works With:1980-1991
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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Self-certified made in USA of U.S. and imported parts

If you plan on running a wheel/tire package larger than what we currently offer, and to get more wheel travel out of your Vanagon's rear suspension, you will need a set of GoWesty extended length "long-travel" trailing arms.

GoWesty rear suspension arms are lengthened by 1", just like VW did on their infamous "Syncro 16" offered only in Europe. In addition to that, the factory pinch weld in one key area has been modified to allow for a much wider tire. A brand new GoWesty spring perch is also installed on each, in a new location so that the spring-to-pivot-point geometry is properly maintained. All the work is done on our precision jigs so you can be assured proper alignment between the wheel and body is maintained. No surprises when you perform your 4-wheel alignment after installation! 

Fits: Direct fit for all Vanagon years and models.

• With a standard-height spring set, these arms will retain your factory ride height.
• Add our taller coil springs for 2" of lift, or...
• 100% new spring base plates welded on.
• Completely cleaned inside and out, media blasted, and powder-coated in a satin black.
• Direct fit for all 2WD & 4WD Vanagons.
Sold outright. No core charge!

Additional notes: These arms move the rear wheels back 1" relative to the wheel well, increasing the space between the front of the tire and body by 1" and decreasing by the same amount aft of the tire. Rubbing may occur between the back of the tire and body, the degree to which will vary depending on tire size selected. When adding a suspension lift and longer travel to your Vanagon, we highly recommend upgrading to the Heavy-Duty 930 CV Axle Kit, sold separately.

Please note: The original trailing arms on your Vanagon were put together with brand-new steel that fit together perfectly, assembled by a robot using resistance spot-welding techniques, and painted using a dipping process. These GoWesty lengthened trailing arms begin with those same factory-made arms that now have 25+ years on them! We cut them apart, grind them, modify them, and weld them back together (by hand), and then have them blasted and powder coated. As a result, they do not look as perfect as the fresh-off-the-line part, especially on the inside, and it is not possible to get the powder coating to fully penetrate every nook and cranny. You will notice imperfections, and areas not fully covered by the powder coating will eventually begin to rust. This rust is aesthetic in most applications, and it will not lead to structural failure. If you intend to expose these arms to highly corrosive environments (salt), and you want to prevent any rust from forming, we recommend a thorough coating of rust preventative (our favorite is CRC 06026 Heavy-Duty Corrosion Inhibitor), manually applied to the entire interior surface before installation. Note: this is not required for function or longevity under normal operating conditions.

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