Seat Poncho (Original)

Works With:1968-2003
Manufacturer:Venture Libre
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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

We are very pleased to offer you the latest bespoke Venture Libre product, the “The Seat Poncho.”

Sold individually.

• Fits Bus, Vanagon and Eurovan seats with removable headrests
• Handmade and built to last like all Venture Libre products
• All natural materials
• Pre washed, and can be hand washed in the future
• Available in brown tones or grey tones, to match your vehicle's interior
• Simple installation and removal
• Covers and protects your seats while offering generous storage space

From Venture Libre:

“The Seat Poncho” is a stunning, handmade, wool seat cover and organizer inspired by the traditional Poncho, a sleeveless garment popular in Latin America. Designed to fit most front car seats with removable headrests, each Seat Poncho is handmade by an Indigenous Zapotepec family in the mountains outside Oaxaca City, Mexico. Utilizing all natural dyes, and hand spun wool yarn, each Seat Poncho is made on an old fashioned loom using ancient techniques passed down through generations of Zapotepec. The back features three handy large pockets for storing all of your gear, such as Laptops, Tablets, Books, Walkie Talkies, and more!

To make The Seat Poncho we traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico in search of talented textile craftspeople. After much searching we found a family and then embarked to study the Zapotepec ways, learning about all of the materials they used, where they are sourced (all in the local mountains), and even visiting the farms where the wool comes from. The Indigenous villages of Oaxaca are beautiful, simple places, where family is everything, and textile crafts are their lifeblood. The wages and time required for our products are set by our workers, and are never dictated by us. This means you can be sure that the product you purchase and enjoy was lovingly made and directly supports keeping the Zapotepec traditions alive.

From gathering nuts and berries to make dyes, dying each color of thread used, spinning the wool, assembling the Seat Poncho base on a loom, to finally sewing the Seat Poncho together, the process to make one Seat Poncho, is more than one week! Far from an assembly line, or factory, the work is time consuming and delicate. We are so proud of this product, and of the many people who have poured their hearts into it from Design to Production, and to your doorstep.

Seat Poncho attachment is easy, simply slide it over your headrest, place the Poncho over your seat, and then tie the woven cords like you would a pair of shoes. Presto!

Fitment and Variation Notes: The Seat Poncho has been tested on a variety of vehicles from Vanagons, to Jeeps. We have yet to find a vehicle with a removable headrest that it does not function on, but to be sure we recommend contacting us first if you have questions on fitment on your vehicle. The Seat Poncho will not work on vehicles with integrated headrests as the opening at the top is not wide enough. Also please note as this is a handmade product, no two Seat Ponchos will be exactly the same, there will be slight variations of color from unit to unit. This is normal and is a reflection of its handmade quality.

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