Westy Bravo Cabinet Organizer Base

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:1.16 lb
Manufacturer:Venture Libre

Introducing the new second generation Westy Bravo, the Westy Bravo Combi. A bold and functional organizer for the rearmost face of the Volkswagen T3 Vanagon Westfalia cabinet.

The second generation Westy Bravo offers several improvements over the first iteration:
• We added a second overlapping row of storage slots on the bottom which offers 60% more tool capacity.
• We switched from corner rivets to double row reinforced stitching, which allows for easier access to the storage slots, and increased structural rigidity.
• We added provisions for two Combi Attachment Bags, allowing for customer customization, build the Westy Bravo you want!
• Two open storage pockets on the top left, allowing for easy storage of your flashlight, and taller tools.
• Integrated leather snap loop for key storage, cable storage, and more!

Plus all of the same features that made the original Westy Bravo so great!
• Premier quality saddle leather, aka: 'Crazy Horse'
• Designed to take a beating and always look great
• Hand-crafted in Mexico
• Heavy-duty stitching
• Choice of snap-on bags (snap or zip closure - sold separately)
• Built to last
• Includes installation hardware and detailed instructions

Fits Westfalia Full Campers, Multivans, and Wolfsburg Weekenders!