Stainless Exhaust Kit - Sport Version [Vanagon]

Works With:1983-1991
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$1,330.28 - $2,523.28

Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Self-certified made in USA of U.S. and imported parts

We are very proud to offer our 100% USA-made stainless steel exhaust system for Vanagon. Quality, affordability, and longevity with a lifetime warranty.

This kit includes everything you need to replace the entire exhaust system on all water-cooled Vanagons.

Direct fit for all 1986-91 2WD and 4WD. Plus it fits 1983-85 vans with our supplemental Early to Late Exhaust Update Kit.

That's right—we designed this system to fit both 2WD and Syncro applications. In addition, we kept the flange positions in the factory locations, so each part is compatible with the corresponding, original VW exhaust component. This allows you to replace your aging exhaust system with these stainless steel parts piece by piece, or all at once with our complete exhaust kit. In addition, this complete stainless exhaust system is a full 20 pounds lighter than the original mild steel version. Twenty pounds!

Kit Includes:
• Stainless header pipe for #1 & #3 cylinders
• Stainless header pipe for #2 & #4 cylinders
 Header Support Front Brackets and Header Support Rear Bracket

• Stainless 2-into-1 collector elbow
• Stainless collector elbow to catalytic converter "J" pipe
• Stainless sport muffler with integrated 2.5" tailpipe
• Stainless muffler saddles with integrated straps (x2)
• Complete gasket & hardware kit with instructions
Optional Add-on: Stainless 50-state or 48-state catalytic converter for customers outside of California & Colorado

Materials note:
This GoWesty stainless steel exhaust system will not stay shiny and aesthetically perfect—but it will last, and we value longevity over aesthetics. For the complete story on stainless steel metallurgy, please click here

Do you have a 1983-1985 water-cooled 1.9? The 1.9 system was abandoned in 1986 for good reason, so now is the time to upgrade to the later 2.1 style kit you see on this page. Order this later style exhaust kit WITH CATALYTIC CONVERTER to accommodate the O2 sensor, plus our Early to Late Exhaust Update Kit.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: Every stainless exhaust part we offer comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The part is warranted against structural failure for life (for the original purchaser). Installation of the included support bracket is required to maintain your warranty.

Note for 1983-85 Vanagons: On 1986-91 Vanagons, the thermostat housing was moved to the front near the #3 exhaust port (on an 1983-85 Vanagon, it is near the #4 exhaust port). There is an interference issue between the #4 exhaust pipe in this kit and the 1983-85 thermostat cover, which requires a small amount of clearancing on the cover. Also, a new, longer oxygen sensor wire to reach the port in the catalytic converter (yes, you need to buy the cat) will be required but is not included.

Note for Syncro owners: You cannot "mix and match" different components in this exhaust system—in other words, you cannot simply purchase our stainless 1&3 pipe and have it mate up perfectly with a stock exhaust system. For 4WD applications, you need to purchase this COMPLETE kit.

The bend we chose for the J-pipe ensures fitment on both 2WD and 4WD. The "perfect" bend for a 2WD would not work on a 4WD, and vice versa—thus, our decision to settle on a "compromise" bend. VW did the same thing, offering only one J-pipe for both 2WD and 4WD. However, they also moved the muffler up only about an inch on the 4WD, even though the engine sits 2" lower relative to the body (compared to a 2WD). GoWesty 4WD saddles move the muffler up an entire 2" compared to the 2WD saddles—the same amount that the engine in a Syncro sits lower—so the muffler ends up in the same exact place on both 2WD and 4WD. For best fit of the J-pipe in both applications, apply a downward (2WD) or upward (4WD) force on the outlet of the collector WHILE tightening the four bolts to the front and rear exhaust pipes. This will adjust the angle of the three-bolt flange (where the J-pipe bolts on) slightly up or down. A small angle change at that flange makes a BIG displacement change at the catalytic converter end of the J-pipe, which is about 18" away. This will improve overall fitment in either application.

You will notice that the weld on the OUTSIDE of some of the flanges does not go all the way around. This is intentional—there is nothing wrong! The weld does not go all the way around to make more room for the fasteners. There is another full weld on the INSIDE that does the majority of the work and provides full sealing.

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