GoWesty City Water Hook-Up Box

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:1.0 lb

This is a brand-new, 100% GoWesty-designed city water hook-up box kit.

We designed our new and improved hook-up boxes to look similar to the original design, but that's where the similarities end! These were designed in-house by a team of professional engineers, and we are extremely proud of the results. We have invested some serious time and energy into the creation of these superior hook-up boxes. We are confident that you'll be very happy with them—in short, these are the last hook-ups you'll ever buy! To read more about the history of the original hook-ups, please click here.

Here are some of the improvements we have made:

  • Crafted from superior UV-resistant materials.
  • Frame fastener holes are counter-bored instead of tapered—no cracking!
  • Added extra material to known weak points of original design—no more breaking!
  • Innovative lid design: single piece with molded pivot points (we were tired of the flimsy door, metal hinge, and poor spring design).
  • Lid pivot points are captured by the frame and insert for simple, effective performance.
  • Lid is held shut and open by a smart cam and leaf spring mechanism.
  • Reinforced insert for the city water connection is much stronger than the original design.
  • Features an intelligent quick-connect (and quick-disconnect) attachment for easy and tidy garden hose connection. (Awesome!)
  • Modern check-valve system eliminates the possibility of contamination.
  • Entire design is modular—no more failure-prone glue, no more throwaway parts. We're talking replaceability and interchangeability!
  • 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Less expensive than the original design, and much improved!

This GoWesty hook-up box includes a new gasket, installation hardware, and decal. Simple installation instructions included.

Important note: To connect a garden hose to your city water hook-up box, you will need a female coupling for the end of your garden hose (see related item below). Most of the garden hose quick-disconnects on the market are universal; therefore, if you already have one, it will most likely work. HOWEVER, the one we offer below is particularly nifty, because it has an auto shut-off feature: when you pull it off your hook-up, the water flow STOPS. Yes, it's just as awesome as it sounds.

Your GoWesty city water hook-up box has a built-in check valve that doubles as an over-pressure relief valve. The rubber ball in the hook-up will blow out if too much pressure is introduced into the system, thereby avoiding the possibility of breaking anything inside your Westy and causing a watery mess. When connecting an external water source to this hook-up box, we highly recommend one of our water pressure regulators. Water pressure above 55psi can not only cause damage inside your Westy, but it can also cause the check valve ball in the hook-up to blow out upon disconnecting the water source. Water freezing in the system can do the same, so we recommend always draining the system. To drain the city water plumbing, open the faucet to the city water position and, using a ball point pen, push in on the check valve ball at the hook-up point. Water should drain out sufficiently to keep the system from rupturing under freezing conditions.