Replacement Fresh Water Hose

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:1.0 lb
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket

Have you actually looked at your fresh water hose system? It's pretty scary to think that you're actually using that water to "clean" your dishes. This simple hose will give your fresh water system a nice refresh.

All the hose you need to get the job done in FDA food-grade, BPA free tubing. Installation requires you to cut the hose to length. This specialized tubing features silver ion antimicrobial technology, which protects against the formation of biofilm and resist the growth of mildew and microbes. Yes, a silver bullet against the nasties!

Installation tip: We strongly recommend replacing your in-tank (submersible) or in-line pump at the same time (see related items below). This hose will work with both systems. We also recommend replacing the flexible line that runs from your hook-up box to your water storage tank (see related items below).

Note: In 1983, VW changed from external water pumps to pumps submerged in the water tank. For a short time afterward, the hose was still routed along the floor to the sink. Soon, the hose routing was moved to a shorter run behind the sink cabinet. This replacement hose fits any routing.