Alternator Bracket: The GoWesty Fix

The Problem:

The way that VW mounted the alternator on a Vanagon water boxer was less than ideal. The lower bracket—which bears most of the load—is a simple cantilever design held to the block by two 8mm studs. Just behind these studs is the cylinder coolant jacket.

When the alternator is fresh and new, it spins nicely and with little to no vibration. However, as the bearings wear out over time, the alternator starts to vibrate. This vibration leads to a wobbling... which eventually leads to the mounting bracket loosening... which leads to severe engine block damage. When this happens, the engine block is very difficult to repair. In many cases, cracks lead into the cylinder coolant jacket. When that happens, you might as well toss the engine block into the recycling bin. It is toast!

Even an alternator that does not vibrate is very heavy, and the factory mounting is simply inadequate. VW realized there was a problem, and the very last engine blocks produced had an extra strengthening rib added. Clearly, this was not going far enough. What was needed here was a much more substantial bracket!

The GoWesty solution:

Our GoWesty alternator bracket is not only way beefier since it is made from thick, cast steel instead of just two flimsy stamped steel plates welded together—like the original VW bracket. In addition to that, it picks up the power steering bracket bolts in addition to the original alternator mounting bolts to support vibrating loads in all directions. As an extra added bonus, the thick casting also provides material for threads to capture the new alternator bolt provided-which slips in comfortably from the front. Never again will you have to fish that long, infuriating bolt beneath the intake manifold/behind the alternator, through the hole in the bracket, and then through the alternator mounting ear! And the icing on the cake is it fits all years waterboxer engines with or without power steering!

GoWesty: Yeah, we got your back!