Classic Closeouts

Welcome to our Classic Closeouts section. This is where you'll find New Old Stock (NOS) gems that we occasionally receive from unusual locations in foreign lands and at times uncover in our own warehouses when we get a chance to crack open dusty old crates of goodies. Act fast, though—every item in this category is no longer in production and available only in very limited quantities!
  • License Plate Light Bulb Holder [Vanagon]

    License Plate Light Bulb Holder [Vanagon]

    Product: 251-943-021AWorks with: 1980-1991
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  • License Plate Light Lens [Vanagon]

    License Plate Light Lens [Vanagon]

    Product: 251-943-121-GRWorks with: 1980-1991
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  • Tie Rod Assembly (Left) [Eurovan]

    Tie Rod Assembly (Left) [Eurovan]

    Product: 702-419-803BWorks with: 1993-1995
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  • A/C Dual Relay [Eurovan]

    A/C Dual Relay [Eurovan]

    Product: 701-959-141AWorks with: 1993-2003
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  • Clevis Pin [Vanagon]

    Clevis Pin [Vanagon]

    Product: N-013-239-1Works with: 1980-1991
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  • Crankshaft Seal [Eurovan]

    Crankshaft Seal [Eurovan]

    Product: 068-198-171Works with: 1997-2003
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  • Steering Rack [Eurovan]

    Steering Rack [Eurovan]

    Product: 7D1-422-061BXWorks with: 1993-2003
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  • Mass Air Flow Sensor [Eurovan 12v]

    Mass Air Flow Sensor [Eurovan 12v]

    Product: 021-906-462AXWorks with: 1997-2000
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  • Tube for Oil Dipstick [Eurovan 24v]

    Tube for Oil Dipstick [Eurovan 24v]

    Product: 022-115-629EWorks with: 2001-2003
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  • Brake Light Switch [Eurovan}

    Brake Light Switch [Eurovan}

    Product: 1J0-945-511AWorks with: 2001-2003
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  • Automatic Transmission Cooler O-Ring [Vanagon]

    Automatic Transmission Cooler O-Ring [Vanagon]

    Product: 096-409-069AWorks with: 1980
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  • Dust Shield [Eurovan]

    Dust Shield [Eurovan]

    Product: 099-409-406AWorks with: 1996-1997
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  • Upper Left Timing Chain Guide Rail [Eurovan]

    Upper Left Timing Chain Guide Rail [Eurovan]

    Product: 021-109-513Works with: 2001-2003
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  • Driver Side Outer Seat Belt Cover [Eurovan]

    Driver Side Outer Seat Belt Cover [Eurovan]

    Product: 703-857-718Works with: 1993-2003
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  • Oil Filler Pipe [Eurovan]

    Oil Filler Pipe [Eurovan]

    Product: 099-321-363Works with: 1995-2003
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  • Relay Holder / Plug Block

    Relay Holder / Plug Block

    Product: 161-937-501BWorks with: 1986-2003
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  • A/C Fan Relay [Eurovan]

    A/C Fan Relay [Eurovan]

    Product: 701-919-506AWorks with: 1993-2003
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  • Lower T-Belt Cover Eurovan [Eurovan]

    Lower T-Belt Cover Eurovan [Eurovan]

    Out of Stock
    Product: 074-109-127JWorks with: 1993-1995
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  • Headlight Assembly Set [Early Vanagon]

    Headlight Assembly Set [Early Vanagon]

    Product: 251-941-PAIRWorks with: 1980-1985
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