Bumper Pad Clips for Vanagons Explained

At GoWesty we stock two different styles of bumper pad clips. The two styles are incompatible with one another, so it is important to know which type you have and need.

The bumper pads shown below are both German OEM products. At some point in the Vanagon's production, the "early style" plastic clips were replaced with stronger, longer-lasting metal clips.

The plastic clips on the left side of the picture are the "early style." If you are just replacing the clips—not replacing the pad strip—these are the clips that you need.

The metal clips on the right side of the picture fit the "late style" bumper pads. The pads we sell will only work with these metal "late style" clips. In other words, if you are replacing your pad(s), these are the clips you need. 

Note: If you are not the original owner of your Vanagon (and who is, really?), it pays to double-check which clips you need, because the pads may have been replaced in the past. Get the right clips the first time! 

Vanagon bumpers, pads and clips can all be found here.