GoWesty Parts: Where Are They Made?

Q: Is this part made in Germany? I want the very best part, you know..."

We get this question pretty often—often enough to warranty writing an article about it. At GoWesty, we're on the same page when it comes to wanting the best. We only buy and sell the absolute best parts we can source. The reality, though, is that the best is not always German. Nor is it always United States, Italian, Swedish, or whatever. Determining which part is the best part is much more complicated than just identifying where it originated. A good example is Vanagon engine water pumps.

There are no less than a half dozen water pumps available for the water-boxer engine. There are German ones (more than one brand), Mexican ones, Japanese ones, and Italian ones. We have learned from experience—and not always the best experiences—that the Italian water pumps have the best track record, so we source those specifically, and those are the only ones we sell and use on our engines. So, yeah, an Italian-made water pump on a German Vanagon turns out to be the best, albeit unlikely, choice.

And what about brands? There are lots of well-known German brands that customers request, because they simply have to have that brand. The reality is that there is absolutely no guarantee that if you buy a German part, it will actually be manufactured in Germany. That's just the reality of globalization. So it's back to square one: Is it the best?

At the risk of sounding like this entire article is a sales pitch, here it goes: When it comes to choosing the best parts, the most important thing is from whom you choose to buy your parts. Reputation and experience are absolutely key. The fact that GoWesty actually uses the stuff we sell in-house, that we have a team of mechanical engineers on staff, and that we have been in business for a long time (and intend to stick around for the long haul) means that if you buy a part from us, you are likely going to get the best choice available. Does that mean that you cannot get the same part from another supplier? Of course not! It just means that if you decide to buy your part from an outfit without as much experience, intelligence, and/or integrity, you may not get the best part or the best value for your dollar.

So... where are GoWesty parts made? 100% of our parts are made right here on planet Earth, guaranteed!