Insurance: Totaled Your VW? GoWesty Will Help You Get Justice!

It's always a sad day when we hear about someone wrecking their VW van and having the insurance company report that the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle—what they deem as a “total loss.” We work day in and day out to keep these beloved vehicles on the road, and it pains us when the insurance companies try to low-ball the owner based on erroneous or non-existent “comparable” vehicles. A GoWesty Opinion of Value Report (OVR) is a good first step toward getting an insurance company to understand what your VW van was actually worth before the accident.

Armed with a GoWesty OVR—and based on our extensive and detailed vehicle sales history and our excellent reputation—you have a fighting chance of getting a settlement that is in line with what it will take to actually replace your beloved VW van.

Also, in the cases where the vehicle is simply not repairable, please contact GoWesty. We have about an acre of VW vans that have come to the end of their life as functional vehicles, but are still living on by providing the needed, obsolete parts to keep others on the road. We might be interested in purchasing your crashed VW for this purpose. Every piece of your VW van would be put to good use—not just crushed and forgotten.

Whatever you end up doing, we wish you the best of luck.