Coolant: Flush It Every Two Years!

You can get about 85% of the coolant out by just removing the two radiator hoses where they attach to the coolant pipes, up front above where the spare tire is usually stowed.

All of the coolant from the radiator and pipes, as well as some from the engine and engine compartment, will drain out quickly.

The remainder of the coolant in the engine requires dropping the push rod tube shields. This is not an easy task unless you have our GoWesty Stainless Steel Push Rod Tube Shields—which come off and go back on in a few minutes. Once they are out of the way, you will see two freeze plugs on the underside of each cylinder head:

One of the two has an M8 internal-hex head bolt in it:

Remove those bolts and the rest of the coolant in the engine will drain out. You might want to have a replacement M8 crush washer handy, or apply a little sealant to the existing one.

The remainder of the coolant in the system, about 5% or so is in the heater system. There is no real easy way to get all that out and we recommend you just leave that much in there and call it macaroni!

To refill the system simply refill the coolant pressure tank in the rear, and use our GoWesty Pressurization Tool to get all the air out of the system by following the pdf instructions on the product page.