GoWesty stands behind all of the products we sell. We would not offer a product if we did not feel it was worthy of installation in any of our own vehicles.

GoWesty Standard Warranty:
* Items are warrantied for one (1) year from date of purchase.
* The warranty item(s) must be accompanied by an invoice.
* The warranty applies only to the customer who purchased the item, and is not transferable.
* The warranty covers only the actual amount you were charged for the item, and does NOT include return shipping, installation charges, storage, towing, loss of time, inconvenience, lodging, etc.

Items with Manufacturer Warranties:
* Bosch rebuilt starters, alternators, and generators: these items come with a Bosch 12/12 written warranty. If you have a warranty issue with one of these products, please contact Bosch directly by clicking on this link.
* GoWesty rebuilt engines: these items come with a GoWesty 48/48 written warranty. You can find the full text of the warranty here.

Electrical Items:
If an electrical item is returned for warranty with the complaint that it does not work, it will be inspected and tested upon arrival. If it does not work, and in the opinion of GoWesty does not appear to have been improperly installed or short-circuited, it will be replaced at no charge, including shipping. If GoWesty finds the item to have been overheated and/or improperly installed, or functioning with no problems, you will be given the option of having it shipped back to you for the cost of shipping.

Electronic Items (examples are fuel injection, idle, AC control units and relays):
It is not acceptable or fair to purchase an electronic item in an attempt to troubleshoot your problem. Electronic parts are susceptible to damage if installed in a vehicle in which another item of the same system is faulty. It can cause the new electronic device to be permanently damaged. Therefore, if an electronic part is removed from its sealed package and/or installed, the warranty is VOID. It is yours. You may not return it.

There are two exceptions: 1) Rebuilt fuel injection control units (ECUs), and 2) rebuilt air flow meters (AFMs).

These units are all tested here at GoWesty before they ship out, so we know they are working properly when they leave our business. Upon return of a reported defective unit, we will install it in one of our vehicles to doublecheck whether or not it works properly. If it works properly, the unit is yours, and you will be given the option of having it shipped back to you for the cost of shipping. If it does not work properly, it will be returned to the rebuilder. If the rebuilder determines that the unit was damaged by the vehicle in which it was installed, the warranty is VOID. You will be given the option of having it shipped back to you for the cost of having the rebuilder test it ($75), and cost of shipping the item back to you. If the rebuilder determines that the unit was not damaged by the vehicle in which it was installed, you will be sent a replacement immediately at no charge to you, including shipping.

A Special Note to Our Customers:
GoWesty works very hard to select and source the best quality parts and accessories available. We also try, whenever possible, to give our customers a choice between brands or manufacturers, so you are not subject to any change in source or quality based on whim or price. While usually superior in quality, sometimes "Genuine", "OEM" or "VW" does not always imply perfect or original. We know for sure that "German" rubber seals are superior to OE Brazilian or Mexican, because of both a better compound and fit — yes, they cost a little more in general (but not always), so please shop and compare. We won't play word games. We just try to sell the best available parts at the best prices for your long-term satisfaction.

Any items not claimed after 30 days will be destroyed.