Importing Cool VW Models Not Sold in the USA

We get this question all the time: Why doesn't GoWesty try to import the very cool Eurovan full campers sold in Europe, the ones that were available with the TDI engine in both 2WD and 4WD (Syncro) versions?

Firstly: We know very little about the ins and outs of importing and licensing, but are informed enough to know it can be a huge headache and very costly.

Secondly: We do know those models were never sold in North America, so replacement parts for both the camper and mechanical end of the vehicle would be very difficult or impossible to obtain.

Lastly: The Eurovan Westfalia full camper sold in Europe is built on the regular Eurovan wheel base on which the MV Weekender sold in the USA was built. The Eurovan full campers sold in North America (which were converted by Winnebago) are built on a 15.5" longer version of the Eurovan. Consequently, the interior space of the European Eurovan Westfalia full camper is VERY tight, much smaller than the '80-'91 Vanagon full camper. The Winnebago full camper offers about the same interior space as the '80-'91 Vanagon full camper.

It is for those reasons, as tempting as it is, and as cool as those vehicles are, that GoWesty has not pursued bringing these vehicles to the USA. All things considered, we do not feel it is in the best interests of the ultimate owner.