Maintenance Schedule Recommendation: Vanagon

The following maintenance schedule is what we recommend here at GoWesty. It differs slightly from the factory schedule, but it is the direct result of years Vanagon service and repair here at our facility.

OIL SERVICE (synthetic 10/60 weight is recommended)

Every 3500 miles - oil and filter*

*Note: Synthetic oil molecules are known to be smaller than petroleum-based oils, and therefore it is theoretically possible for it to leak out of tiny flaw that regular oil would not. Nevertheless, we feel the potential benefits of the superior lubrication qualities provided by synthetic oil is well worth relatively low-rise and low-consequences of a minor oil leak.   


15,000 Miles - Minor service:
Replace Spark Plugs
Check air filter, and replace if needed

30,000 miles - Major service:
Plugs, cap, rotor for sure, and wires if needed
Air and fuel filter
Gear oil change (front too if Syncro)
Automatic trans service (ATF and filter)
Power steering fluid flush
Front wheel bearing service (2WD only)
Pressure test cooling system, check for leaks

45,000 miles - Minor service again

60,000 miles - Major service again plus:
Oxygen sensor

75,000 miles - Minor service again

90,000 miles - Major service again plus:
Final drive seals (AT only)
Front wheel bearings only if rotors good (2WD only)
Front wheel bearings and rotors if worn out (2WD only)

TWO YEAR SERVICE (regardless of mileage)

Cooling system flush
  -Phosphate-free coolant, any brand, any color
  -Distilled water - must be distilled
Brake fluid flush
Clutch fluid flush (manual trans only)