Swing-Away Carriers: Which Side?

You're super excited to add a rear swing-away system to your vehicle... but which side will you install it on?

Passenger Side:
Pro: The swing-away is curb-side, which means less traffic-related issues.
Pro: If you are carrying fuel, it is much easier to siphon fuel directly from the can to the tank without removing the can from the carrier.
Pro: On most Vanagons, the driver's side is already heavier, so it's nice not to add more weight.
Con: If you carry a load on the back that blocks the rear-view mirror, it is better to block the other side where a blind-spot isn't as much of an issue.

Driver's Side:
Pro: If you carry a load on the back that blocks the rear-view, it's better to block this side.

Most of us that run these swing-away systems have them on both sides. If you're in the same boat, remember to keep your tray (with fuel) on the passenger side for ease of use.