Recaro Seats: Are They Really Worth the Money?

Recaro seats are like Birkenstock sandals for your whole body: When you first sit down in one, it may feel a lot more firm that you were expecting. The first time I sat in one, I was somewhat underwhelmed—I guess I was expecting more of a couch-like "nirvana" sensation. I did not really appreciate my Recaro seat until my first long road trip, a trip that was completely free of back pain and driving fatigue. This is where the Recaro design concept truly shines. The firmness over time is much more comfortable than a soft seat, because it promotes better blood circulation and offers better overall support. Couple that support with a pair of sturdy arm rests, and you have a seating system that is beyond comfortable for the long haul. 

This email from a customer really sums it up:

From: Rich
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 9:43 AM
To: S. Lucas Valdes
Subject: My new Recaro seats

Hey Lucas,

I just installed my new Recaro seats with dual arm rests for my 86 Vanagon Wolfsburg Weekender that I bought from GoWesty. 

And as a testimonial to the Recaro seats—I used to have to stop for the night after 6 hrs or so of driving. Sitting in my Recaro seat, I just drove from San Diego all the way home to Idaho—975 miles—stopping only for gas.

These seats are worth every penny!

You picked the right product to replace the old seats!!!


Basically, once you add a Recaro to your VW camper, you'll never look back. They really are that good, and they really are worth every single penny.